Change your username in Bullet League

The latest update of Bullet League (Version 2024.03.1516) has finally brought back the ability to change your username. Now you can change your username and show off your uniqueness to the world and wear your name like a badge.

There are a few points to keep in mind while changing your username 

  • Username can only contain letters (A-Z or a-z) and numbers (0-9). You cannot use special characters and emojis in your username
  • You first username change is FREE. Every subsequent change after will incur a cost in coins or gems
  • After changing your username, there is a cooldown period before you can change your username again
  • BE CAREFUL when changing your username

How to Change Your Username?

Changing your username in Bullet League is the same as before but to brush up your memory, you can follow these steps to change your username

Step 1: From the Main Menu screen, click on your current username in the top left part of the screen. This will open your Profile Screen

Step 2: In your profile screen, click on the little edit icon next to the text that says, “Hey <YourUsername>” 
(Note; <YourUsername> will be replaced with your account username when you enter this screen)

Step 3: You will be prompted to change your name. Enter your new name over the previous account username and click on the button to change your name. 
(Note; Make sure you have chosen the final username you'd like to change BEFORE clicking the BUTTON. Refer to the points above that we had mentioned regarding changing your username)

Step 4: And you're done! You have successfully changed your username. Make sure you flex your unique name to the rest of the Bullet League in the Super Champs Universe

If you are facing any issues with changing your username, please create a ticket in website or reach out to us at